Bertone Therapy
Psychodynamic, CBT & Family Systems Approaches

Being trained in the use of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and EMDR enables me to address client issues from a variety of therapeutic approaches, which I tailor to meet the specific needs of each client. Here is a listing of those approaches: 

Psychodynamic Approach

Once we become conscious of how these old patterns interfere with or complicate our current relationships, we can begin to make new choices.  In many cases, behaviors that were essential to our survival, or otherwise worked for us in the past, no longer serve us. For most clients, the ability to change requires both insight and allowing themselves to experience the feelings which surface with it.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy ("CBT")

When clients come to understand a link between their automatic thoughts, their core beliefs about themselves, and their corresponding behaviors and how, by changing their thoughts they can influence their outcomes, they discover a formula that allows them to successfully challenge the negative or irrational thinking that leads to their unwanted actions. 

Family Systems Approach

Clients who suffer from troubled relationships frequently benefit from some education about the family system and how family dynamics contribute to supporting or upsetting the fragile balance of that system - depending upon how connected members are in relation to one another. 

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