Bertone Therapy
  Marc R. Bertone, MA, JD, LMFT
   Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #47827

Do you have depression?  Anxiety?  Are you overwhelmed?  Is stress or anger interfering with your enjoyment of life?  Are you experiencing difficulties in your relationship with your mate, partner or a family member?  Have you lost someone or something that was important to you?  Did you experience a traumatic incident or series of them and think you might have PTSD or suffer from an attachment wound? Do you or a family member abuse alcohol or drugs or suffer from overeating, smoking, gambling, addiction to internet pornography, overuse of video games, avoiding homework or compulsive shopping?  Are you procrastinating about things, including making a career change or other major life decision?  Could it be due to ADHD?  Or, do you just feel a little stuck and want more from your life?
I provide a calm and compassionate presence and the training and experience necessary to address such issues and concerns with you.  

Using psychotherapy, I help others identify unhealthy dynamics, limiting beliefs and behaviors that are preventing them from moving forward in their lives - whether it involves a job transition, a relationship issue, a spiritual crisis, an addiction, anxiety, depression, grief or other psychological challenge. Positive changes can occur when clients are able to gain insight into and process feelings surrounding their own dynamics and limiting beliefs - at which point they are free to adopt new and more effective beliefs, attitudes and coping strategies. For some, hypnotherapy or EMDR can be a more direct and effective way of addressing their particular challenges, so I offer those modalities for clients who may require or desire them.  

Allow me to help empower you to make more satisfying choices in your life. I work with teens, adults, couples and families - from a variety of therapeutic approaches. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your needs and tailor a course of treatment that meets them.  Please phone me directly, at (949) 683-0412, for a free consultation.  I serve all of Orange County.
                                                             Thank you!

Marc R. Bertone, MA, JD, LMFT
4605 Barranca Parkway, Suite 101A, Irvine, CA. 92604
(949) 683-0412
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